#CreativeConnections Tips

Neighbour Day is a great way to encourage people across all communities to build and strengthen their social connections.

Given the public health challenges the world is currently facing we understand that getting together physically is no longer allowed*. This is why we are encouraging everyone to find other ways to connect and engage with their neighbours and communities, that are not face-to-face.

The need for social connections and support becomes especially important when we have been advised to self-isolate (where possible), with many already vulnerable and elderly people without sufficient support. Physical distancing also comes with some challenges, however, these can be overcome with a little creativity and care.

Neighbour Day 2020 is an opportunity to expand our connections and understanding of community and ‘neighbours’ in the broadest sense.

We’ll be sharing these and other #CreativeConnections tips as on social media in the lead up to, and after, Neighbour Day. Because every day is Neighbour Day!

Remember though, you may need to be creative – as not everyone is online!

And take care as the only thing we want to spread kindness!

Keep abreast of current public health advice here.

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