Tell Us Your Story


Each year, the Neighbour Day Tell Us Your Story competition invites people to share their stories about a great neighbour, an amazing neighbourly act, or something they appreciate about the people in their neighbourhood.

This year, in the spirit of our annual theme: The importance of social connection for the elderly, entrants were encouraged to share a story about an elderly neighbour.

The Neighbour Day team are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 Tell Us Your Story competition are:

  • Laura as both the winner for Queensland and our overall National Winner.
  • Annette from New South Wales
  • Jennifer from the Northern Territory
  • Joan from Western Australia
  • Dan from South Australia
  • Daniel and Aynur from Victoria
  • Eve from Tasmania

Unfortunately there were no entries from the Australian Capital Territory, allowing us to award two prizes for Victoria.

Our national winner, Laura, told us a heart-warming story about the difference community connections can make in times of loss, and how it’s sometimes the smallest things, like mowing your elderly neighbour’s lawn, that make the biggest difference.

To read each of our winning stories, please click here