Tell us your story – Entry form

Each year, the Neighbour Day Tell Us Your Story competition invites people to share their stories about a great neighbour, an amazing neighbourly act, or something they appreciate about the people in their neighbourhood.

The key aim of Neighbour Day is to encourage people to connect with those that live close to them and to create communities where people look out for each other.

This year, we encourage you to share stories in the spirit of our annual theme: The importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children and young people.

The 2018 theme encourages all Australians to support safe and welcoming communities for the families with children and young people in their neighbourhoods.

Sharing these stories is important. Stories of great neighbourhoods provide inspiration, joy, and hope for others.

Tell Us Your Story invites you to submit a  250 word (maximum) story about your neighbours or neighbourhood (N.B. Entries over 250 words will not be judged.)

The prize pool for Tell Us Your Story includes:

  • A $100 gift voucher for the winning entry from each state and territory
  • Plus a $300 gift voucher for the overall National winner

Competition terms and conditions are detailed here.

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Please note that we may use some material from your stories in the press and on our websites and social media; but will change names to de-identify your stories, however please don’t forget to include your contact details when submitting your story in case you win a prize.