Connection cards

Be Safe when using Connection & Calling Cards

Coronavirus is contagious. The current advice is that it can live on some surfaces for a period of time, depending on the surface. Please take every precaution to ensure you are spreading only kindness.

Wash your hands regularly and where possible use gloves.

Avoid physical contact.

Cards or other support items (shopping, medicine etc.) should be left in letterboxes or on doorsteps respectively.

Before you take neighbourly action using connection cards, only do so a) if there is no risk you have COVID19 and b) if you have thoroughly washed your hands and can ensure the card is safe to share.

For current health advice visit

Tick Box Connection Card

Introduce yourself or connect with neighbours you find difficult to meet in person with a simple connection card (a friendly message + your name and address) as an icebreaker.

Download connection card

Calling cards

Designed to be printed on A4 paper or card, or bulk printed for you to connect with your neighbours and to leave messages of support. Double-sided – ‘Every day is Neighbour Day’ for year-round use,  and on the back, space for your contact number and tick offs that you’ve washed your hands and do not have COVID-19.


Download calling card

#ViralKindness Card

This brilliant “Creative Commons” card promotes kindness in times when the community connection needs to take a different approach. Wash your hands, print this, fill it out and pop in your neighbour’s letterbox. Simple.

[Thanks to Becky in the UK for this clever idea.]

Download and print.