Gillian’s Story

Our neighbour Fran, has literally been our life saver!

Fran works with my husband as a Flight Nurse with the RFDS. She actually found this unit for us to rent as she knows the landlords very well, and we were needing a new place as our old unit had been sold and the lease was finishing. So we’ve been her neighbours for 2.5 yrs now, and we couldn’t ask for a better neighbour. Our girls call her ‘Aunty Fran’.

Fran has my husband & I and our 2 girls, (14mths and 2.5yrs) over for dinners and morning teas, we take out and bring in each others wheelie bins, help to water the gardens when away, borrow washing machines when they break and all those sorts of neighbourly things. But the biggest thing she has done, is she has saved the life of our youngest daughter.

Zoe was born at 32 weeks, and at 1 month old she was released from hospital. 12 hours later she had a respiratory arrest whilst breastfeeding really late at night. I started CPR whilst my husband rang the ambulance and ran to get Fran. She took over CPR from me and after a couple of minutes, got Zoe breathing again just as the ambulance officers were walking in the lounge room.

Four months later, at 4.30am, I was having tachycardia whilst sleeping. As I have a thyroid condition, I was told if I get tachycardia, it could be that my body was becoming toxic and needed to go to emergency asap. So while my husband looked after the girls, Fran took me into emergency and waited for a couple hours whilst I was assessed.

We have made her meals, had her over for parties, dinners and cuppas, and put aside a meal for her upon returning after a long, late shift. There is only so many times you can say “thank you” to someone who helps save the life of your child. She is the best neighbour we have ever had, and if she ever leaves town, we’ll be following so we can continue living next door to her!