After attending an open air concert near the sail in Burswood Park in early January 2014, we heard about a street meet and greet; we decided to hold a street party but ours was a little different as it is a vertical street, a high rise and we didn’t know many people at all.

Your concept appealed to us and we decided to register.
The resource kit was very helpful.

On the 8th February we held a black and white cocktail party, no, you didn’t need to hire a tux just wear black or white for a little fun, my husband Jeff wore the top half of a tux with black and white board shorts and white thongs, and it was all about fun. We used the card; 2 truths and one fib; very good ice breaker. For entertainment we had the Chinese New Year fireworks in front of us at the Crown Casino.

We live at the Aqua Building, 1107 / 2 Oldfield Street Burswood. Other attendees were from different floors of the 15 storey building, in all, 8 households. We made new friends and our new neighbours made many more friends.