Vesna’s Story

I’m always telling friends, clients and family how important it is to know your neighbour. I believe neighbours are so important for little things such as watching over your house, feeding your dog and big things such as friendship and care. I love my neighbour. We have been living next door for 4 years now and I have never come across anyone so helpful and thoughtful. He has been a carer for his mother for 30 years and when she passed away he went through severe depression. It was devastating for all but it brought us closer together. We have BBQ’S, drinks, spend time at the beach, garden together, walk the dog and he has even helped me paint the outside of our house! He told me it was good to keep his mind off everything. During this time though my neighbour didn’t want to talk to many people but always found it comforting to have us next door and I would always invite him over for a chat. Depression is horrible and it was nice to know that he could confide in us, feel comfortable around us and was still willing to give us his time as much as we were ours. I think we have become a lot closer. After another death in the family (his brother), times got tough but we have still managed to look after one another in spite of all the sadness. Sometimes it takes a horrible event to bring people closer together but right from the word go we have always been there for each other and I tell you what… we will always be. I have THE BEST neighbour anyone could ever ask for and he waves to me everyday! He’s not so much my neighbour, he’s become a best friend. This is why everyone should know their neighbour. Always look out for each other is my motto.