Relationships Australia Victoria Neighbour Day Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations Rebecca! Beautiful photo and a heart warming story of the difference a happy neighbourhood can make.


Congratulations to Rebecca Gelsi of Footscray in Victoria, who has won our competition celebrating Neighbour Day 2014 with a photo of her daughter Arabella and friend Noel playing in the rain near her house.

Rebecca also provided a lovely story of what she loves about her neighbourhood and neighbours:

What I love best about our neighbours is our children growing up together. 

My four year old daughter Arabella and her friend Noel (pictured) hang in out in the lane way around the corner, our street, and the local playground.

Therase and I have these four year olds, and Therase also has a seven year old boy Patrick who plays with my eight year old girl Eliana. 

The little kids go to the same kinder and the older kids go to the same school. We help one another out with pick ups and drop offs, babysitting, and sometimes share dinners.

And the best thing is that there are other families nearby who we also do those things with. 

One of our neighbours calls it the street of love! 

These connections make all the difference to my wellbeing and my family’s wellbeing.