#CreativeConnections Tips

Neighbour Day encourages people across all communities to build and strengthen their social connections. Because every day is neighbour day.

This current global crisis provides good reasons (even opportunities) to expand our
connections and understanding of community and ‘neighbours’. Given the public health challenges the world is currently facing we understand that getting together physically may not be allowed* for some of us. If that is your situation, we encourage people to find other ways to connect with their neighbours and communities, that are not face-to-face.

The need for social connections and support has been especially important when we have been required to ‘lockdown’ and/or self-isolate. Many already vulnerable and elderly people may be without sufficient support. Physical distancing also comes with some challenges, however, these can be overcome with a little creativity and care.

2020 was an opportunity to expand our connections and understanding of community and ‘neighbours’ – including online. The ongoing nature of the pandemic reminds us that to stay connected we all need to be creative and proactive – as not everyone is online!

And of course, we need to take great care – as the only thing we want to spread is kindness!

Because every day is Neighbour Day, check out our two top 25 lists below and Neighbour Day social media for more #CreativeConnections tips.

We stress the importance of adhering to government requirements and guidelines that
are designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 and recommend that people make
themselves aware of the public health authorities’ advice. Visit
https://www.health.gov.au/ to stay up to date and informed so that you can keep
yourselves and your neighbourhood healthy.

50 #CreativeConnections Tips

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