Tell Us Your Story


One of the things we look forward to most in the Neighbour Day office each year is when we hear from you – when you send in your stories about small kindnesses, great gestures of neighbourly spirit, hilarious tales and fond remembrances of your wonderful neighbours, and grand re-tellings of how you celebrated Neighbour Day with those in your community.

For our Tell Us Your Story Competition this year we are doing things a little differently. We are asking you to share your stories with us before Neighbour Day so we can run your stories in the lead up to Sunday 31 March to help inspire others to get involved.

Our theme for Neighbour Day this year is ‘loneliness – what neighbours can do to create connections’ and we are keen to hear your stories of how you have created neighbourly connections and how those connections have gone some way to helping end loneliness in your neighbourhood.

Check out the competition rules here.

For some inspiration check out Neighbour Day 2018 winning entries of the Tell Us Your Story competition which focused on the importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children and young people.  Click here.