Tell us your story – Entry form

Each year, the Neighbour Day Tell Us Your Story competition invites people to share their stories about neighbourly connections.

The principal aim of Neighbour Day is to increase positive and sustainable social connections between people and communities throughout Australia. In doing so, Relationships Australia as the home of Neighbour Day aims to support healthy relationships and assist in tackling the loneliness epidemic in this nation.

The Neighbour Day ‘Tell Us Your Story Competition invites people in communities around the country to share their stories.

The theme for Neighbour Day 2021 is Every day is neighbour day.

Across the country, Australians have faced, and continue to face, challenging times – bushfires, drought, floods, the COVID-19 pandemic and for many, loneliness. The strength we draw from each other, from our relationships and our wider communities, has never been more important.

We look forward to reading your stories of how you have created neighbourly connections and how those connections have gone some way to helping end loneliness in your neighbourhood.

To reflect the Every Day is Neighbour Day theme for Neighbour Day 2021, we’re asking people to tell us their stories of creative connections over the past year and to share something about one or more of the following:

  • how you or your neighbours reached out to vulnerable and/or lonely members of your community and what you have done to create a connection and/or stay connected;
  • new neighbourly connections (or reconnections with neighbours you already knew) and how that came about;
  • a place or service or activity in your neighbourhood that fosters connection
  • friendship and/or support of people in your neighbourhood;
  • any other good news story about social connection.

These social connections might be one-off moments or regular and lasting interactions that create one to one relationships or become the starting point for an ongoing group.

It may be a story of a small (or big!) action that made a positive difference to a neighbour or neighbours through improved social connection. It may be something you did or that your neighbours did, which created a meaningful connection. Or perhaps it was something you did together that managed to help combat loneliness in your community. Or someone may have reached out to you to offer support or friendship. We’d love for you to tell us your story!

Tell Us Your Story invites you to submit a 400 word (maximum) story about your neighbours or neighbourhood.

The prize pool for Tell Us Your Story includes:

  • A $100 gift voucher for the winning entry from each state and territory
  • Plus a $300 gift voucher for the overall National winner

Competition terms and conditions are detailed here.

Fill in the form below to send us your entry.