The Café Conversations Project: How to make your cafe a community hub


As public spaces, cafes serve as a hub for communities that offers a comfortable environment for meeting up with friends, family or acquaintances and opportunities to connect with new people too.

What & When

This project invites local cafes across Australia to host structured or unstructured Neighbour Day activities in March 2020 (and beyond!), to help create connections in their local community.


Cafes can benefit in many ways from holding a Neighbour Day event.

Benefits include:

  • Positive publicity as a cafe that cares about community
  • Attract new customers
  • Patrons who have a positive experience are more likely to become a repeat customer, and are also more likely to tell others about their positive experiences of the cafe.


Cafes can hold a speed friending event, discussions or simply provide customers with our Conversation Cards to get people talking.

More information about these three options is available in the free information kit, provided when you register your cafe. There is NO COST to register.

The kit includes conversation cards, table markers, participation poster and more. Cafes can run these activities at little to no cost and all details are at the cafe’s discretion.

There is no limit to what businesses can do to celebrate Neighbour Day.  Our suggestions are by no means a restriction on what is possible, but simply inspiration and support to help cafes create a successful event.

To be eligible to enter The Cafe Conversations Project competition, cafes will

  • hold a Neighbour Day Cafe Conversations Project activity/event, and
  • upload a picture(s) of the event(s) to social media, ensuring to tag the official Neighbour Day social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) and include the Neighbour Day campaign hashtags #NeighbourDay and #CafeConversations

Neighbour Day Cafe Conversations Project prize packs will include special giveaways for your customers. This includes a selection of limited edition Neighbour Day branded keep cups, tea towels, teabags and connection cards as well as aprons for café staff.