Neighbour Day 2018 Theme

The Importance of a Supportive Neighbourhood for Children and Young People

In 2018, Neighbour Day’s annual theme is: ‘The Importance of a Supportive Neighbourhood for Children and Young People.’ The 2018 theme encourages all Australians to support safe and welcoming communities for the families with children and young people in their neighbourhoods.

The research tells us that children who know the neighbours, are aware of somewhere safe to go when Mum or Dad are not at home and know their local environment well feel happier and safer in their community. Studies also tell us that social exclusion and loneliness are detrimental to mental and physical health, while social participation is positively associated with improved wellbeing for individuals, families and communities. Social connection is especially important for vulnerable families or children facing other challenges at school or home.

That’s why this year, Neighbour Day is inviting all Australians to reach out to families with children and teenagers in their communities to help them to connect and belong. 

How to be involved:

We encourage you to get involved in Neighbour Day on Sunday 25 March 2018 or any day that suits your community.

If you’re hosting an event:

Register to access free material to help you organise a successful Neighbour Day event – including posters, invitations, labels, flyers and helpful tips. 

If you’re attending an event:

Share your stories and photos with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

On Social Media: 

  • Share a message of why you think knowing your neighbours is important.
  • Share a message of why you think social connection is important for children and young people.
  • Use the hashtag #NeighbourDay
  • Download our Neighbour Day selfie sign, take a photo with it, and share the photo with us on our social media networks.
  • Get involved in our social media Countdown to Neighbour Day, being held from 19–25 March 2018 on all of our online platforms. 

Neighbour Day 2018 Resources: 

Images are a great way to capture attention in a busy newsfeed. Click on any of our 2018 Neighbour Day graphics below for use in your own social media posts:



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