Neighbour Day 2020 Theme

Social Connection

Australia is in the midst of a loneliness crisis, with many in our population experiencing a deficit of social connection.

When we reflect upon loneliness, many of us will think of social and emotional isolation. We may contemplate a lack of important and meaningful relationships, perhaps an absence of companionship and social interaction with others.

In 2020, Neighbour Day is looking to flip the loneliness discussion to get Australians to focus instead on the importance of belonging – to start people thinking about how they can put their energy into creating positive and meaningful social connections with people outside of their normal groups and relationships.

These social connections might be one-off moments or regular and lasting interactions that create one to one relationships or become the starting point for an ongoing group.

In 2020, the theme for Neighbour Day is ‘Social Connection’.

What we have learned:

  • attending a Neighbour Day event often leads to people joining existing community groups, or organising their own groups and events;
  • participating in Neighbour Day creates new relationships, renews past relationships, and deepens existing relationships;
  • Neighbour Day helps create ongoing and enduring connections between people and their communities; and
  • continued interaction after the event often leads to increased neighbourhood trust which in turn leads to neighbours experiencing a greater sense of safety in their neighbourhood, and offering support to each other. [Swinburne University of Technology Report]

Initial findings from Neighbour Day 2019 indicate that after people hosted an event or took some neighbourly action, they experienced:

  • an increased sense of identification with their neighbourhood;
  • an increased sense of belonging; and
  • perceived their neighbourhood environment more positively.

Neighbour day 2020

Encouraging social connection is the essence of Neighbour Day every day. During our 2020 campaign, Neighbour Day will be actively encouraging Australians to realise the social, emotional and mental benefits of connecting with others and joining and taking part in social groups.

A sense of belonging and connectedness in neighbourhoods can come from a large range of shared interests and activities. Our campaign activities in January promote simple and easy ways to socially connect with others. We will share ideas and stories of how to create new friendships, groups and a sense of community.

In February, we will be encouraging the community to share their stories of how they have created a connection with others in their neighbourhood through our Tell Us Your Story competition. We will also be challenging the community to find the courage to connect with others in their neighbourhood.

In March, we will launch the Café Conversations Project and roll out our 2020 Very Neighbourly tips, as well as community service announcements on community radio.

We will also be encouraging people to host their own Neighbour Day events and create a connection.

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 How to be involved:

We encourage you to get involved in Neighbour Day on Sunday 29 March 2020 or any day that suits your community!

If you’re hosting an event:

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If you’re attending an event:

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On Social Media:

  • Share a message of why you think knowing your neighbours is important.
  • Share a message of why you think social connection and creating connections is important.
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Neighbour Day 2020 Resources:

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