Neighbour Day FAQs

What is Relationships Australia?

Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship and community support and family safety services for Australian families. Relationships Australia also provides a management and support function for Neighbour Day.

What is Neighbour Day?

Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhoods, with the aim of reducing social isolation, particularly among the elderly and vulnerable.

Why did Relationships Australia choose to support Neighbour Day?

Relationships Australia, committed to the promotion of good relationships, sees Neighbour Day as an ongoing opportunity to remind people about the importance of community connection, to reduce social isolation and loneliness and to strengthen communities.


When was Neighbour Day founded?

Neighbour Day was founded in Melbourne, Australia in March 2003 by local resident, Andrew Heslop, after the remains of an elderly woman were found inside her suburban home, more than two years after her death.


Why should I get involved?

Good relationships with others can and do change peoples’ lives and the community they live in. Social connection makes us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression. Neighbour Day brings together like-minded people, resources, and organisations to grow stronger, well-connected communities. It is something in which everyone can become involved. More:

How can I get involved?

Your involvement in Neighbour Day can be as big or small as you like. All information on how you can be involved in Neighbour Day can be found on our website.

If you are interested in holding an event for Neighbour Day, we encourage you to register your event.

If you would like to be involved on social media, you can download our Neighbour Day selfie sign, take a photo of yourself (and maybe some neighbours or friends) holding the sign, and share it with us.

Who are the Neighbour Day Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors are Andrew Heslop, Natalie Ahmat, The Hon Fred Chaney AO, Nick Duigan, Costa Georgiadis, Julie Goodwin, Hugh Mackay AO and Sophie Thomson. Mitch McPherson of SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY joined the Ambassador team in early March 2021.

Can I book a Neighbour Day Ambassador to attend my event?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Ambassador attendance at events, given the many hundreds of Neighbour Day celebrations that are held each year.

Are Ambassadors available for media interviews?

Media interviews with our Neighbour Day Ambassadors can be organised, depending on their availability. Contact our office for details.

Do you have resources that I can use for my Neighbour Day event or action?

The Neighbour Day website has a range of free, easy to use resources available to help make your Neighbour Day event a success. Help yourself!

Do I have to celebrate on the last Sunday in March?

Any day can be Neighbour Day. If you can’t celebrate on the last Sunday in March you can choose another day that suits your neighbourly plans.

Where can I purchase Neighbour Day merchandise?

At this stage Neighbour Day merchandise is not available for sale to the general public. Bulk orders of Neighbour Day tea towels may be possible with adequate notice.


Will Relationships Australia cover my event for public liability?

Any risks associated with the conduct of Neighbour Day events are the responsibility of the host, individuals, organisations and their neighbourhoods and communities. The wellbeing of participants should be considered in the event planning. Your local council may be able to assist with planning for larger events.

Our website has great tips for ensuring the safety of your Neighbour Day event.  More:

What can I do to support my neighbourhood or wider community?

Our website has a list of organisations that you might like to connect with to support your local community.

What if I need support in my neighbourhood?

Our website has a list of community support organisations and resources that can be accessed online, at the end of a phone, or in your neighbourhood.

Why is social connection so important to my health and wellbeing?

Social connection makes us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression. Our website has a list of research on the benefits of social connection to our overall wellbeing.

Who funds Neighbour Day?

Relationships Australia funds the Neighbour Day campaign at the national level.

Councils, businesses, government departments, community organisations and individuals promote and support Neighbour Day in their neighbourhoods. 

How do I become a supporter of Neighbour Day?

We work with like-minded organisations and businesses across Australia to help spread the neighbourly ethos to every day of the year. We are open to discuss sponsorship opportunities (financial, pro bono or in kind support). Please contact us!