Neighbour Day 2015 ‘Tell Us Your Story’

Great neighbours and neighbourhoods exist all over Australia.

The Neighbour Day ‘Tell Us Your Story’ competition invited people in communities around the country to share their stories of an extraordinary neighbour, or an amazing neighbourly act. The prize pool was valued at more than $1,000.

Sharing these stories is important. Stories of great neighbourhoods provide inspiration, joy, and hope for others. They also encourage others to take action or to do something for Neighbour Day – small or big.

The ‘Tell Us Your Story’ national winner, Emma from South Australia decided that the community she wanted really was at her front door and went about organising a Neighbour Day event for her entire suburb. The longer term result was that the people that attended came up with ways to support the neighbourhood to be more safe, green and vibrantly connected.

To read Emma’s story and the stories of all the state and territory winners visit us here.