Very Neighbourly Organisations

What is a Neighbour Day Ambassador?

Neighbour Day Ambassadors are much loved Australians who support the principal aim of Neighbour Day, which is to build better relationships with the people who live around us.

They generously share their high profile and reach to help raise awareness of Neighbour Day and its messages about the importance of social inclusion and connection in communities around Australia.  Read about what our Ambassadors have to say

“Neighbour Day is a catalyst for great relationships year round. You can use it to meet your neighbours for the first time, or to reconnect.  Exchange phone numbers for use in an emergency and reassure them that help is only a phone call away.“    Neighbour Day Founder & Ambassador Andrew Heslop

 What is a Very Neighbourly Organisation?

The principal aim of Neighbour Day is to increase positive and sustainable social connections between people and communities throughout Australia. In doing so, Relationships Australia as the home of Neighbour Day aims to support healthy relationships and assist in tackling the loneliness epidemic in this nation.

A Very Neighbourly Organisation has a strong values match to the principal aim of Neighbour Day and can be a community, business or government organisation which:

  • has significant networks of community-minded members who are actively involved in local initiatives;
  • believes in the importance of social connection and resilient communities;
  • is able to support the Neighbour Day message and campaign activities; and
  • can help us grow the Neighbour Day ethos beyond a single day, to care about local communities every day of the year.

We’re pleased to have a growing number of Very Neighbourly Organisations who support Neighbour Day and its ethos. View our list of Very Neighbourly Organisations here.

If you wish to identify as a Very Neighbourly Organisation please contact Relationships Australia.