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Australia’s original MasterChef, Julie Goodwin, is passionate about bringing people together with delicious, home-cooked food. Her third cookbook, Gather features delicious recipes for large and small crowds of family and friends – the perfect food for Neighbour Day gatherings!

Julie is proud to be a Neighbour Day Ambassador and has shared some of her favourite recipes with the Neighbour Day family below.

Julie’s Neighbour Day message:

“We Aussies love our food, and in my view there is no better way to bring people together than over a good meal. Food is at the heart of thousands of Neighbour Day celebrations each year. Food connects us, it nourishes us, and the sharing experience creates wonderful memories and strong communities.

Whether you have a sausage sizzle, a cuppa and cake, a street party or a small dinner with the next-door neighbours, Neighbour Day is a time to reach out and make a connection with the people around you. Getting together can transform and strengthen the relationships with the people around us. It’s simply good for everyone involved.

Neighbour Day is a time to stop and look at the people around us, to be a part of a community, and to celebrate. Good food will make your celebration all the more special! To help get the ideas flowing I’ve shared three of my favourite recipes for gatherings at the bottom of this page, or visit my website for more tasty dishes to share with your neighbours.

I wish you, and those around you, a happy and delicious Neighbour Day!”

Julie Goodwin
Neighbour Day Ambassador


Neighbour Day message

Some yummy recipes for Neighbour Day from Julie

Julie Goodwin’s Cheesy lunch muffins

Julie Goodwin’s Spaggy Bol

Julie Goodwin’s Orange glazed chicken wings