Costa Georgiadis


Costa Georgiadis is the 2019 Logie Award-winning host (Best Presenter) of ABC’s Gardening Australia. Costa is a landscape architect who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people – he knows how to bring out the best in both of them! Costa is committed to communities and to gardening both the soil and the soul.

Costa is very excited to be an Ambassador for Neighbour Day. 

“I’m stoked to be an Ambassador for Neighbour Day. I really love to see communities come together and what’s so simple about the day is you don’t have to go far to have fun!

Getting together with your neighbours or your local community is fantastic for lots of reasons. I know because it’s something that I do every day in communities all around the country, including my own.

Getting to know your neighbours over a cuppa or a barbie can lead to lifelong friendships or just feeling more secure in your neighbourhood.  I see friendships formed over community gardens week in and week out. Verge gardens, pocket parks, laneways…you name it. Families, kids, adults and elders are nurturing their environment and growing things for the birds, insects and people to share.  It’s not just the plants that are growing in the garden, people are too. They are connecting with one another, all ages together.

So I want to encourage everyone to get out there this Neighbour Day. Talk to your neighbours, host a morning tea or a barbeque, get together in the garden – anything will do. It’s a perfect excuse to start spreading some positivity and community spirit around your neighbourhood. It’s all about the ‘L’ word .. LOCAL! Live it, Love it…”


Costa Georgiadis
Neighbour Day Ambassador