The Hon Fred Chaney AO


Fred Chaney is the 2014 Senior Australian of the Year. He has a strong commitment to marginalised people and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 1997.

Fred has served in the Australian Parliament, he established the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia and is the founding co-chair of Reconciliation Australia.

Fred considers it to be an honour to be an Ambassador for Neighbour Day:

“Neighbour Day is a wonderful initiative that reminds us of the significance of connecting with our communities. 

In my role as a previous Senior Australian of the Year, I strongly support Neighbour Day in raising awareness of the critical importance of supporting the elderly and vulnerable in neighbourhoods across the country. 

Neighbour Day reminds us of our personal responsibility to create the community we want, where people are recognised and respected. 

Forming relationships with your neighbours and community is not only important for the vulnerable, it also increases our personal wellbeing and sense of belonging. Not everyone has family or friends living close by, especially those new to the area or our country. Neighbour Day is a reminder to put ourselves in the shoes of others and think about how we would like to be treated by those around us. 

I encourage everyone to participate in Neighbour Day. It is important we take care of each other in our communities. It is good for our individual and collective wellbeing and may make a world of difference to people at a time of vulnerability and need in their lives.”


The Hon Fred Chaney AO
Neighbour Day Ambassador