Natalie Ahmat

Natalie Ahmat is the Presenter of National Indigenous Television (NITV) News, Australia’s only Indigenous television news bulletin as shown on SBS Television. Natalie is the winner of a host of awards including: Journalist of the Year for the Multicultural and Indigenous Media Awards 2015; the Lane Cove Citizenship Award for Leadership in 2013, the Deadly Awards Community Broadcaster of the Year in 2012 and a commendation for excellence in journalism at the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network in Norway the same year.

Natalie is descended from the Mudburra people in the Northern Territory on her grandmother’s side, and her grandfather was born on the Torres Strait Islands.

Natalie’s message for Neighbour Day:

“Neighbour Day is a great celebration for all communities and I encourage everyone to get out there, to introduce yourself to a neighbour you haven’t met before or to stop and yarn to someone in your street. You never know who you’ll meet and you may even make a new friend!

It’s good to get to know your neighbours and sometimes we really need to know them in times of emergency. Kids and older people feel safer when they know the people that live around them. It means we all have someone nearby to call on if we are worried about something, people know us and can help out in an emergency.

Our lives become easier when we have friends around us and we are less likely to be lonely. It’s also easier to maintain friendships when your mates live closer to you. Strong neighbourhoods and Neighbour Day are just plain good to be part of!

So get out there, invite someone over for a cuppa, organise a street party or just go and say hi on Neighbour Day. It’s Australia’s greatest celebration of community!” 

Natalie Ahmat
Neighbour Day Ambassador

Neighbour Day message