Nick Duigan


Nick Duigan is the co-host of the long running TV fishing program Hook, Line and Sinker and one of Australia’s best known recreational anglers. Hook, Line and Sinker has 200,000 viewers every week!

Nick is a funny guy with a passion for adventure, flying, fishing and hanging out with the locals.

He is keen for all Australians to get involved in celebrating Neighbour Day, particularly those in Tassie!

“I’m honoured to don the ambassadorial robes for Neighbour Day; a great initiative that brings communities closer, and helps us feel more connected with the people around us. It’s even more important to me because I was lucky enough to grow up with the best neighbours in the world!

Age five, my parents packed up the family to move to Flinders Island in the middle of Bass Strait – population 800. On the island everyone knows everyone – when you pass a car, you wave; if you drop in uninvited you’ll be invited for lunch; and at the pub, old people talk to young people. Flinders is one of those rare places where the spirit of community thrives.

Our nearest neighbours were this great Italian family.  They had a son my age and every day I’d fire up the ride-on-mower and head over to go adventuring and avail myself of the best Italian food ever created. For me and my family, that warm welcome and neighbourly care made Flinders Island home. Even though I haven’t lived there for years, every time I visit, I make the pilgrimage to that little farm house and the welcome is as warm as ever.

Growing up on that island with a great family and the support of our neighbours is a big part of who I am today. Neighbours made all the difference.”

Nick Duigan
Neighbour Day Ambassador

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