Sophie Thomson

Sophie Thomson in garden #1

Sophie Thomson, ABC television’s Gardening Australia presenter, is also an engaging speaker, author, broadcaster and horticulturalist. Her enthusiasm and passion for plants and gardening inspires people of all ages. Sophie is a strong advocate for sustainable gardening practices, growing organic food, cooking from the home garden and creating backyards where kids can play freely and develop a lifelong connection with nature.

Sophie’s message for Neighbour Day:

“I am delighted to be an Ambassador for Neighbour Day!

Living in the Adelaide Hills I know that community is important not only for friendship and fun, but also for wellbeing and safety. Just as you would tend a garden with care and attention; so too do we need to nurture the relationships with our neighbours and neighbourhoods. Strong, resilient and peaceful communities grow from social connection and inclusion. In both good and bad times, knowing our neighbours makes us feel content and secure.

I see wonderful relationships formed in gardens across the country every day where adults and children connect with nature and with each other.

So much grows through our interaction with our environment, including the friendships forged over a vegie garden, children enjoying ’free play’ in the backyard or local park, or sharing a home-cooked meal.

I encourage everyone to do something to celebrate their neighbours. It can be small – perhaps dropping off a note to an elderly neighbour; or something bigger like opening up your garden to your neighbours for a ‘bring a plate afternoon tea’ and gardening fest!

Whatever you do, Neighbour Day is a great opportunity to connect and share some community spirit. Be a part of sowing the seed for the future health, wellbeing and happiness of your neighbourhood, as well as the future health of the planet.”  


Sophie Thomson
Neighbour Day Ambassador